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A Moment of Reflection is the title of this weeks Lean-In-Newsletter. A good moment to do this.The reflection back on this week shows many conversations of apprecation and hope. The University of St. Gallen CAS on conflict management was officially terminated in an on-site celebration & training day at Kartause Ittingen (former monastery), lots of laughter, wine. Most people hired since I started my HR career, happy many clients in career coaching. Healthy.
The reflection on two weeks (incl. Pentecoste weekend) warms my heart as I've been traveling for the first time with my litte friend Nina, 7. I've travelled to a new place for the first time since March 2020. Montreux. Freddie Mercury statue, market stands with gemstones on the lakefront, fresh icecream all over our clothes, warm sushi on a terrrace, table tennis in the rain. Nutella crèpes.
The reflection circle further backwards makes me realize how greyish dark some days had been before the Swiss government loosened some restrictions. As a graduate on international relations and conflict management (Master Thesis on Israel-Palestine), I am truly grateful we all could find a first step towards de-escalation, concrete solution-finding and 'new normality'.
With 'war for talents' in a virtual world, many fired job-seeking-clients & struggling friends transformation and conflicts have been my daily business. As all examples in the last day in conflict-mgt-studies showed, this has been common since the pandemic broke March 2020. Most of us have never faced a crisis affecting so many aspects of our lives before. With friends in Luxemburg, Köln, Madrid, London and family in Thailand I've seen how complex the topic and how different the approaches on handling it.
Personally reflecting back on the last few hours: I have given myself the present of a wonderful new wooden floor: Three days of two young men in the house. Power cut. Dust. Smell of glue. It looks wonderful. Great job. Danke Stefan.
Reflecting on Charlie Chaplin Picture. I wish us all a balloon of love filled with hope. From a distance and with patience I believe it will all be good. Thanks Silvan for the inspiration.

<![CDATA[Die Wellen]]>Sat, 29 Feb 2020 23:00:00 GMThttp://www.papillo.ch/schreibfeder/die-wellen

vorgelesen Kaminabend November 2020, GZ Seefeld 

<![CDATA[Loslassen Willkommen heissen]]>Thu, 30 Nov 2017 23:00:00 GMThttp://www.papillo.ch/schreibfeder/loslassen-willkommen-heissen]]><![CDATA[Diese Tage]]>Sun, 05 Nov 2017 23:00:00 GMThttp://www.papillo.ch/schreibfeder/diese-tage Es gibt diese Tage
an denen ich mich frage
was das alles soll
ganz ohne Groll

der Nebel ist dicht
oft stört es mich nicht
heute wünsch ich mir Klarheit
und eine Portion Heiterkeit

Die Sonne soll scheinen
und es gut mit uns meinen
mit wärmenden Strahlen
das Leben schön malen

Happy Monday - AvM im grau
<![CDATA[Ich grĂ¼sse aus Ghana mit Kakerlake]]>Thu, 01 Apr 2010 22:00:00 GMThttp://www.papillo.ch/schreibfeder/ich-gruesse-aus-ghana-mit-kakerlakeBetreff: Mir gehts gut- hier die neuen AngabenDatum: Freitag, 2. April, 2010 10:17 Uhr 
Guten Karfreitag Morgen meine Lieben
ich bin gut angekommen. Heut morgen hat mich grad eine grosse tote Kakerlake in der Kueche begruesst, aber wenns weiter nichts ist. Strom ist grad in der ersten Nacht ausgefallen, Generator musste ran. Mir gehts gut und ich hatte einen tollen, interessanten ersten Arbeitstag auf dem Feld gestern.
Internet funktioniert gut. Mein Schweizer Handy ist meistens ausgeschaltet.
Anbei meine Detailangaben:
Alexandra von Muralt
Email: avm@humanitiesinternational.... Tel:   0023 543  019 006
Skype:     ...
Postadresse (Pakete werden am Zoll geoeffnet, kommen ev nicht an) 
Gold Coast ... Limited 
Alexandra von Muralt; P.O. Box 70; ADEISO 
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Herzlich aus der Ferne
Alexandra-  auf dem Weg in die Stadt und dann ans Meer nachdem ... Fruehstueck ...]]>